Wednesday in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we read “David Goes to School”. We worked one-on-one to practiced gripping a marker and using the marker to trace over lines to begin strengthening our fine motor skills. The children also enjoyed playing with puzzles and pattern boards. During circle time we discussed what our favorite toy to play with is, practiced our “days of the week” and “months” songs, counted to 5 and used flash cards to review colors. With Miss Jenna the children ate snack and made school buses for their project. Miss Jenna worked hand-over-hand to help the children use scissors to cut out the wheels and windows for the bus.
Today with Mrs. Asim and Miss Erin the children reviewed calendar, sang “The Wheels on the Bus”, and made school busses for their project. They used glue to add wheels and windows to the bus.
Have a great evening!