Wednesday, September 5th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan told the class a story about a cat going to kindergarten so they know what is expected of for the next year. The students also sang songs about the calendar. As a writing activity, each of the children picked which type of pencil they wanted to use and showed Mrs. Susan what letters they knew. They also got a chance to look at this week’s library books.

Miss Abbie’s class smelled lovely as she made paint out of different spices. The students used the paint to make pictures of things about Camelot school, such as their friends, what they like to play outside, and the school itself. The class was able to point out what colors the spices were and how differently they smelled.

Miss Lauren taught the class all about collages. She showed examples of how putting little pieces of paper together can make a bigger picture. The class made their own colorful collages of their own names. Their art work is displayed on the “Pre-K Gallery” board in the Yellow Art Room.