Daily Archives: April 22, 2019

Monday, April 22nd in Pre-K

Happy Earth Day! Today, the Pre-K took advantage of the weather in the morning and went outside to play. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan read the class two Pigeon Detective books. The class also worked on their “-at” word family (i.e. Bat, Cat, Hat,…). The class wrote their “-at” words on dry […]

Monday April 22nd in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we discussed Earth Day! We read a story called, “Our Garden” and discussed if we had a garden at home or not. We discussed if we have ever planted flowers before or watched our Mommy or Daddy plant flowers. We made an earth using blue and […]

Monday, April 22nd in the ABC’s

This morning with Ms. Cara we introduced number 1 and discussed the different ways to write the number. The children completed a number 1 trace and color sheet where they were told to choose one color to use. The children also enjoyed completing a number counting puzzle, playing with cubes […]