Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

ABC Dailies for Wednesday, March 12

Gymnastics with Mrs. Susan:  Mrs. Susan had our bodies moving today!  We did wall climbs, forward rolls and bar toes (touching our  toes to the bar). Learning with Mrs. Jill:  Mrs. Jill had us busy this morning.  We first used scissors to cut a green heart for our shamrock.  Then […]

Pre-K Dailies for Wednesday, March 12

“R” week continues! Today in Pre-K, we had gymnastics.  Mrs. Susan said we were super fast doing our circuits! We read Rainbow Fish, then we made our own rainbow fish by ripping colored paper into small pieces. We worked on an “R” worksheet with Mrs. Lanigan, and we celebrated Kevin’s birthday! […]

ABC Dailies for Monday, March 10

Today we talked about the month of March and how it comes in like a lion.  Mrs. Lanigan helped us paint a paper plate lion that will be hanging above the doors. Mrs. Jill went over the alphabet letters with us and had us practice zippering our jackets.  Then she […]