February 10th in the Pre-K class

Today Mrs. Susan showed us a live cam of an eagles nest and we also watched a clip of an eagles egg hatching in a nest. We talked abut what nests are made of and how birds build nests. We finished up by watching a clip Evan’s Mom sent in of Ricky Gervaise singing a nap song to Elmo. We made newspaper neighborhoods with Mrs. Denise and newts with Miss Jessica.  Everyone that brought in snow pants, boots and jackets got to play in the snow on the playground.  Everyone that brought in boots got to go for a walk around the Galli’s backyard.  Everyone that didn’t have boots played with magnets in the classroom.  Remember to bring in snow gear so the kids can play in the snow if there is still snow on Monday.  Valentine’s Party is Tuesday Feb. 14th, don’t forget cards for the class. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YARDLEY, THANKS FOR THE DONUTS AND MUNCHKINS