Pre-K Friday, September 8, 2017

Today was our first Fun Friday!  After our morning meeting, we went outside with all three teachers for free play before our academic day began!  It was such a beautiful morning!

Mrs. Denise’s group – Today we read the interactive book, “Tap the Magic Tree”. It was a fun way to learn about the many ways an apple tree looks through the seasons.  We also did calendar and discussed if we had plans with our families for the weekend.

Ms. Abbie’s group – Today, we had snack and reviewed characteristics of a variety of shapes.

Ms. Erin’s group – We created guinea pigs.  Do you think they look like Mickey?

Before lunch, we rotated between outdoor play with Ms. Abbie, learning to play a board game with Ms. Erin, and playing Duck, Duck, Goose with Mrs. Denise.