Pre-K Thursday, September 14, 2017

We are getting the hang of things now!  Our class had an outstanding day and is getting used to all of the new routines and procedures.  Our true academics start on Monday and we sure are excited!

Mrs. Denise’s Group – We read “A Pet for Fly Guy”.  What kind of animal would make a good pet for a fly?  Certainly not a frog or even a dog!  We used the writing center and the library after our circle time.  Although the calculators have been there since day 1, they became a HUGE hit today!  I also was able to finish up with assessments today!

Mrs. Jessica’s Group – Today, students learned the warrior poses, eagle pose, and the first “I Am Yoga” sequence.  The children love it and are learning control of their bodies!

Ms. – Erin’s Group – Students had snack and then played with tabletop toys and manipulatives.

Today, we were able to pet Mickey the guinea pig for the first time!  He was so soft!  We also talked about the types of food that he likes to eat.  Children all also played outside for 30 minutes.