Pre-K Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today we reviewed autumn changes and looked at the beautiful pictures in “Full of Fall” by April Sayre.  The children noticed the veins in the leaves, so we looked at the veins in our wrists too.  They work in similar ways!  We added to our “C” list, practiced tracing the letter C, and did some math too.  Finally, we read “The Cow Loves Cookies”.  It was so silly!

Ms. Abbie’s Group – The children had snack and then used muffin tins and cotton balls for number recognition.

Ms. Erin’s Group – The children made camels from construction paper and read a camel story.

In mini groups, we had music with Ms. Jessica today.  We sang “Black Socks”, “I’m So Glad”, and did Hot Potato and many other fun things.

Book orders are in cubbies today!  Our class earned free Clifford books from Scholastic, so those are in cubbies too.  Enjoy!