Pre-K Thursday October 5, 2017

Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today we read and talked about “Community Helpers”.  There are so many helpers in our lives that help us all in a wide variety of ways!  We also colored a cake with candles according to a key.  The children needed to differentiate between the upper and lower case letters.  We focused on staying within the lines and leaving no white spaces in the area we were coloring in.  The concentration on the faces of so many of our children was stunning.  They put forth their best effort!

Ms. Jessica’s Group – Today’s yoga practice went extremely well.  They were able to extend the length of their Ohm and show mastery of quite a few poses.  Next week, they will begin learning some of the symbols related to yoga starting with the lotus flower.

Ms. Erin’s Group – Today, the children had snack, played with tabletop toys and completed a worksheet with the teacher.

In mini groups we read “Baker, Baker Cookie Maker” and then observed the unbelievable difference in our any farm from yesterday to today.  Those critters sure have been busy!

**Crazy Hair Day is tomorrow for Pre-K!