Pre-K Friday, October 6, 2017

Crazy Hair Day was a lot of fun!  We loved seeing different colors, an assortment of accessories, and the use of a wide variety of hair products.  I am happy to remove my wig!

Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today we completed our list of “C” words, did calendar, and talked about our upcoming weekend plans.  Then we furthered our discussion of community helpers.  We counted backward from 10 while showing the correct number with our fingers too.  Finally, we practiced writing the letter “C” on a worksheet and our names on dry erase boards.

Ms. Erin’s Group – The students created fabric banners that depict the change to autumn.

Ms. Abbie’s Group – The students had snack and completed a worksheet using the numbers 1-3.

In mini groups, we used an electric tea kettle to boil water, dissolved a powder (salt, sugar, and Borax), and suspended our pipe cleaner creations in the solution in an attempt to grow crystals.  We will let the jars sit over the weekend.  Will crystals be waiting for us on Monday?  We hope so!