Pre-K: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group – We continue to build onto our list of L words!  We also discussed what a laundromat is before reading the story “Curious George at the Laundromat”.  That silly monkey’s curiosity is always getting him into trouble!  Then we practiced writing upper and lower-case L.

Miss Erin’s Group – The students made and decorated lanterns and then played board games.

Mystery Guest – Our third rotation was with one of the other teachers from our school which rotated throughout the morning because Miss Abbie was sick today.  The students had snack, talked about a dozen, and played with tabletop toys.

Before lunch, we all went out front to run and walk laps around our “track”.  The back playground was very icy, but the track was crystal clear for running!  When we came in, Mrs. Denise read “Life on Mars” while we cooled down.  Who ate those chocolate cupcakes?  Then we broke into groups.  Some of the children played our own version of team Pictionary!  Some of the pictures were shirt, tree, shopping cart, track, pants, basketball net, house, stove, and horse.  What fun we had!

Gymnastics for half day children was in the morning and will be in the afternoon for our full day friends.  Have a wonderful evening!