Pre-K: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Class – What food makes you say “mmmmmm”?  This was one of our discussion topics today.  We also added to our word list and read “Curious George at the Movies”.  In the book, George makes shadow puppets in front of the projector.  Try making some on the wall using a flashlight or nightlight.  Many of the children were very curious about how to do this!  Finally, we practiced writing our letter M and colored pictures of plants and animals that begin with the letter.

Miss Abbie’s Class – The students had snack and then played a missing number game.  They had to figure out the missing number in a series and then find a clip showing that number to complete the set.

Miss Jessica’s Class – The students worked on tabletop murals of musical instruments, mustaches, and many other fun things!

Before lunch, we played outside and worked in our art books.

*Children have been challenged to learn a simple magic trick at home and show me (or the whole class).