Pre-k: Friday, February 2, 2018

Today was football Friday!  We took a class Superbowl vote and 20 students wanted the Eagles to win and only 3 wanted the Patriots to win.  This led to an important lesson about sticking up for what you believe in even if it isn’t popular.  Our Patriots fans were taught to be proud!  We had balloons for both teams and chocolate chip cookies that sprinkles in both team colors as well.  We talked about the game and that it is going to be played indoors in Minnesota.

Mrs. Denise’s Group – We practiced with the letter N and read the story “Not Norman”.

Miss Jessica’s Group – The children made football team crowns.  The children chose which team they wanted!

Miss Abbie’s Group – The students had snack and completed a counting worksheet.

Before lunch, it was very cold and blustery outside so we quickly decided to come back in today.  We watched a brief video of Phil seeing his shadow and colored our choice of coloring sheet with his picture on it for Groundhog’s Day.  We also had free play indoors.

Have a great weekend!