Pre-K: Monday, February 20, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group – O is for octopus!  Today we read “The Adventures of Old Bo Bear”.  The boy and his bear had many adventures incorporating his missing ear (that happened in the washing machine).  The bear ended up dirty again, but the pair escaped to outer space before their mess could be discovered.  We then practiced writing the letter O.  We learned our first sight word (A) today too!

Miss Abbie’s Group – The students had snack and learned the number 15.

Miss Jessica’s Class – The students had music and then played in stations.

Before lunch, the children enjoyed some glorious outdoor time.  They also practiced with with beginning sounds using a wheel of ocean related pictures and clothespins.  Another station contained small objects that the students needed to use children’s tweezers to pick up and then place on a pattern grid.  So much fun was had today!

Today is a great day to get outside and practice with your child on their two-wheeler.  It will be bike week before you know it (June)!  Also, the dragons in cubbies today are from our observance on the Chinese New Year on Friday.  Have a wonderful evening!