Pre-K: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We started our morning out with the pledge, attendance, and a very interesting share from one of our classmates.  Many children are asking when their share day is.  You may want to reinforce with them when it is and mark the day on the calendar if you haven’t already.  Our second sight word is “the”!

Mrs. Denise’s Group- We did our sound spelling cards out of order today.  We really had to pay attention!  Then we read the Shel Silverstein book, “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O”.  It was a simple book that kept the children on the edge of their seats.  We also practiced writing the letter O and coloring pictures of animals that begin with O.

Miss Jessica’s Group- Today, the children created an octopus.  This involved following some precise instructions!  They will not be dry until tomorrow.

Miss Abbie’s Group – The children had snack and completed a counting worksheet.  They also played with tabletop toys.

Before lunch, we all played outside and enjoyed the absolutely fantastic weather!