Pre-K: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pre-K Pizzeria was a hit!  The children were able to pretend to be customers placing orders from a menu, waiters taking the orders, and chefs making the pizzas and side items.  This center will be available all week.

Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today we read “Ella and the Penguin”.  The penguin was able to face his fears of going into the dark closet with support from his friend. The adventures with glow-in-the dark stickers were worth it!  We then used try erase markers to trace the letter P in a plastic pocket.  The children also had free play!

Miss Jessica’s Group – The students had a great time with music and movement!

Miss Abbie’s Group – The children had snack, and practiced writing and recognizing the number 16.

Before lunch, we looked at a globe and talked about what they can be used for.  We also located some special places such as where a set of parents are currently visiting.  We reviewed our Spanish colors, numbers, and enjoyed some beautiful sunshine! Today, some of our students experimented with Wikki Stix for the first time.  They were a huge hit!

*Scholastic book orders are due tomorrow!