Pre-K: Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group – We reviewed all of our sound cards and then read the story, “Why Should I Save Water?”  It was a story about why conserving water is important.  We had a great conversation about how important clean water is and all of the things we use water for.  We then practiced writing the letters W and X.

Miss Abbie’s Group – The students enjoyed a special snack compliments of one of our students.  Then they completed an ordinal number worksheet one-on-one.

Miss Donna’s Group – The students made worms from sticks.  They then had free play.

Before lunch, we were able to play in groups since it was raining.

If your child is taking part in “Take Your Child to Work Day” tomorrow, enjoy it!  Many of the children were speaking excitedly about the opportunity today.  I will ask them about their experiences on Friday!