Pre-K: Friday, June1, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today I shared one of my all time favorite books with the students.  “Fireflies!” by Julie Brinckloe kept them hanging on every word.  We had a great discussion afterward about the conflict we can sometimes experience between acting selfishly and acting in a way that helps others.  We then did a complicated insect letter hunt.  The children searched the room for different insect cards.  On each card was a letter or simple sight word.  The students then copied this information to a chart.  When they were finished, they could check their own answers to see how they did!

Mrs. Susan’s Group – Today, the children made their own mini-picture dictionaries.

Miss Jenna’s Group –  The children had snack and then played number bingo.

Before lunch, it had dried out enough that we were able to play outside!

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