September 6th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan read a book to the class called “Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?” and talked about how ready everyone will be for Kindergarten after they graduate from Pre-K !  After circle, each person in the class stated their name, the first letter of their name and their favorite animal. The other children then repeated the child’s name, and first letter, and acted out the animal. Mrs. Susan also had the children draw a person, (a skill they will need for their kindergarten assessment) using their new classroom pencil boxes.

Miss Lauren introduced the students to “The Artist of the Month”. The artist for September is Wassily Kandinsky, who is a Russian painter known for his abstract art. Using their knowledge of collages from yesterday’s project, the students made a replica of Kandinsky’s famous work “Color Study”. They cut one square and three different-sized cirlced and stacked them together with glue. Their replica of the painting is displayed on the Pre-K Gallery” in the yellow art room.
With Mrs. Lanigan the children had a taste test and made a graph of what everyone liked.
It was an awesome day!