Pre-K Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Mrs. Susan read a book about sunflowers. Afterwards, she had the students grab their pencil boxes and draw a picture of a sunflower. The objective with the project was directed and creative expression. Miss Susan directed the students to make a sunflower using the correct colors. They also had an opportunity to use our new paint crayons and dot markers to further creative expression.

Miss Abbie gave the students worksheets to help review their shapes. She also served the class cheese puffs and sunflower seeds for snack.

Miss Lauren helped the class make “Avocado Friends”. It was a silly project to practice proper scissor handling and cutting. Each student learned how to pass their scissors safely and cut along the lines. They also added another fine motor skill: they made arms and legs for their Avocado Friends by poking holes on the sides and the on the bottom with pipe cleaners.