Tuesday, September 18 in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan went over the days of the week and months of the year with the class. Afterwards, they did an alligator upper case and lowercase worksheet. Mrs. Susan read an alphabet book to the class; it was all about how the alphabet saved the day.

Miss Abbie had the students participate a dot matching game. Each student had color-coded dots numbered 1-4 and had to find the correct numbers located in different spots in the classroom.

Miss Lauren had the students make anthills out of the letter “A”. They colored in their “A”, cut it out, and pasted it on a piece of paper. They also learned how to draw ants going up their “A” anthills.

Since this week is dedicated to the letter “A”, we would love for the students to go over some other “A” words at home to recall them in class during week.