Wednesday, October 10th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan read a book called I Do Not Want a Posh Dog to the class. The students are still working hard on the difference between lowercase “b” and lowercase “d”.

Miss Erin discussed different instruments with the class, how they sounded and how they are played. They also listened to some classical music. Afterwards, the class played singing games together, such as “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar”.

Miss Abbie had the students complete a color by number worksheet. They filled in each number with their designated color to find the number four.

Miss Lauren had the students finish up their Spookley Pumpkins today to get started on their Spookley Pumpkin Patch. The students also finished up their family houses, created by their parents at Back to School Night. While most students were finishing up projects, the other part of the class colored sheets inspired by Salvador Dali’s famous works.