Thursday, October 11th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan’s class continued to work on the difference between B and D by using magic windows. They also formed the letters using wicki sticks.

Mrs. Lanigan worked on the number 5 with the class by way of an ice cream activity. Each student had to match the numbers to make the ice cream go in order from 1-5. Pre-K had snack all together outside so Mrs. Lanigan could do the project one on one. After the project, Mrs. Lanigan gave two pieces of Harvest Candy Corn to anyone who wanted to try.

Miss Lauren helped the class recreate a “floppy clock”, just like the ones found in many of Salvador Dali’s works, using finger paints, sponges and glue. They took inspiration from Dali’s painting, “Persistence of Memory”. Their artwork will be displayed around the classroom.