Thursday, November 30th in Pre-K

Mrs. Susan’s class went over I sight words, such as in, it, is, and if. The class went through magazines and circled all the i’s they could find. Some of the class also pointed out some sight words in the magazine. They should be going over their sight words at home as well.

Miss Lanigan’s class completed two worksheets, one of which was to color to the number ten and the other was a color-by-number. Afterwards, the class had the opportunity to check out the new base plates for the plus-plus puzzle toys, all while listening to Christmas music.

Miss Lauren’s class wrapped up the month of Leonardo da Vinci by creating catapults. The students colored popsicle sticks and Miss Lauren helped them wrap rubber bands to secure them into place. We also learned the Leonardo da Vinci is from Italy, which starts with the letter I!