Pre-K: Monday March 12, 2018

This weekend I was at the school catching up on some work and I saw a tiny leprechaun scurry off into the magical forest.  He left a bin of golden coins and other objects in my car for us to play with.  The Pre-K students must be vigilant.  We must not allow him into our school.  We know he doesn’t mean any harm, but we don’t want him to get into any naughty mischief in our classrooms!  We also have a new center this week.  The children will enjoy playing “construction”!

Mrs. Denise’s Class – We learned about the letter R and read “The Best Place to Read”.  We noticed the many rhyming words in the story!

Miss Abbie’s Group – The students had snack and practiced counting to twenty.

Miss Jessica’s Group – The students made raindrops and rain clouds which will be displayed in our classroom.

Before lunch, those that had snow gear went outside to play on the playground.  Those without gear were able to run around the front driveway for a few minutes.  The children also had indoor free play.