Pre-K: Tuesday March 13, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Class – Today we read the story “Rapunzel” by Chloe Perkins.  Instead of the traditional Disney version, the setting was in India. We located India on the globe and noticed how far away it it.  We talked about how the opposite side of the world experiences night while we have daytime and day when we have night.  The children were fascinated!  We then practiced writing upper and lower case R on a dry erase board.  We also learned the sight word “is”.  (A, the, on, to, and is are our current words)

Miss Jessica’s Class – The students had a lot of fun with music and movement!

Miss Abbie’s Class – The students had snack and practiced working with numbers through 20.

Before lunch, all of those with snow gear went outside to play.  They had an absolute blast!  The snow was very wet and melting, so their gear is a bit soaked.  I would recommend taking it out of the bag to dry this evening!

Tomorrow there will be no gymnastics classes because Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) will be visiting.  Have a great evening!