Tuesday March 15th in the ABC’s

Everyone was very excited to show off their pajamas today! For snack we celebrated Haylie’s 4th birthday and had cupcakes, happy birthday Haylie! During circle time we read “The Littlest Leprechaun”. We learned a finger play called “5 Little Leprechauns” and we also learned a leprechaun movement rhyme. With Miss Cara we made leprechaun faces. First we made the hat, we had to glue on the black stripe and the gold buckle. We then glued the hat to a paper plate and used orange markers and crayons to make the beard for the leprechaun. The children also enjoyed using the the big magnets and the alphabet clothes pins. With Mrs Asim the children completed a St. Patrick’s Day pattern worksheet where they were asked to cut out the pictures on the bottom of the page and glue them next to their matching pattern. With Miss Abby the children enjoyed free play. Have a great evening!

*Permission slips are due tomorrow for our trip to PEAC this Friday