Monthly Archives: December 2014

Wednesday December 31st in the 123’s

Happy New Years Eve!! Today we painted our hands and used numbered sponges in paint to read our the new year 2015! We learned a new song called “Happy New Year to You”. For lunch we had our choice of sandwiches, tomatoes, oranges, chips, yogurt and applesauce. Happy New Years […]

Tuesday December 30th in the 123’s

We learned a new song called “To the New Year”! After we sang we discussed the New Year events that take place. For our project we made noise makers. We filled them with beads and painted them the color of our choice. When we were finished we sprinkled glitter And […]

Monday the 29th in the ABC class

Hope you all had a great holiday! We made Kwanzaa necklaces and fire work paintings, everyone could choose to do both projects, just one or neither and have a fun day playing with friends.  We went over our calendar and talked about the new year.  For lunch we had bread […]

Tuesday the 23rd in the ABC class

Santa came today and it was AWESOME! Please be very careful with the gifts in your child’s cubby, they are breakable! By popular demand tomorrow is optional PAJAMA DAY!!!!!!!! Your child is welcome to come to school in pajamas or regular clothing, their choice. Please remember we close at 3:00 […]

Thursday December 18th in the 123’s

We worked to strengthen our fine motor skills by stringing beads onto pipe cleaners to make brackets. We also had our hands painted to make a santa face! We read a story called, Hats, Caps and Mittens. We discussed the winter changes. For lunch we had hot dogs, tater tots, […]

We had a great Hanukkah party today! Thank you Mike Messinger for reading a Hanukkah story and teaching everyone how to play with a dreidel.  The class played for Hershey kisses and had a great time. We also made dreidels using marshmallows, pretzel sticks, icing. and a Hershey kiss. They […]

Wednesday December 17th in the 123’s

Hanukkah Party!! In small groups we played spin the Dreidel. We practiced spinning the dreidel before playing. We sang a movement song called “I am a little Driedel”. For our project we made a menorah! We counted how many candles were on it and why. For lunch we had sandwiches, […]

Tuesday the 16th in the ABC class

Happy Hanukkah! We made menorahs with our hand prints, they are hanging up in our classroom.  We also finished our Christmas presents and got a chance to play outside.  During circle we read a book about Hanukkah and found out what a menorah is as well as reviewed the calendar […]