Monthly Archives: April 2015

Thursday the 30th in the ABC class

We did an interesting science experiment using shaving cream and different colors of watercolor paint. We mixed different colors and predicted what color would result. We also had fun watching our experiment dry and shrink. We made a picture using noodle magic. The pictures are in everyone’s cubby with a […]

Thursday April 30th in the 123’s

During circle time, we viewed pictures of different clouds and discussed why some clouds loop darker in color. For our project we used a shaving cream and glue mixture to paint our own clouds! While we were outside we observed how the clouds looked today! For lunch we had rice […]

Wednesday April 29th in the 123’s

We had a super sunny day to discussed sunny weather today!! We talked about the effects of the sun, the changes in nature we see and if we like sunny days and why we like them. We read a story called, “Weather” which showed us pictures of different weather types […]

Tuesday the 28th in the ABC class

It was all sunshine today! We painted suns and cut out triangles to glue on the suns.  We talked about things the May flowers need besides rain, like dirt, sun and pulling of weeds around them.  We sang the “Mr. Sun” song and practiced a few hand gestures to go […]

Tuesday April 28th in the 123’s

Today we discussed Rainy weather. We asked the kids if they liked rainy days Or not and have reasons why. We read a story callEd “What is the weather Today?”. For our project today we made an umbrella using tissue paper and a bowl, after they dried we stuck a […]

Monday April 27th in the 123’s

This week we are going to be focusing on a different type of weather each day. Today we worked on Snow, we discussed if we liked the snow and gave reasons why we did or didn’t. We read a story called, Snow that showed us pictures of many snow activities. […]

Friday the 24th in the ABC Class

Excellent end to the week. We made art out of recycled materials. We also talked about what we can and should recycle. We did a bit of tracing and played a game with colors.  Lunch today was Mr. Galli’s kielbasa, mashed potatoes, broccoli, cucumber. peaches, apples and bananas. We had […]

Friday April 24th in the 123’s

Happy Friday! To finish off our earth week, we took a walk to observe nature! While we were walking, we each cgoose one item from nature to bring back inside with us to use as a painting tool! Some friends choose flowers from the trees, some choose sticks or leaves. […]

Thursday April 23rd in the 123’s

Today we read a story called, “The Nest” and discussed the events in the story when we were finished. We searched around outside looking up into the trees to do some bird watching. For our project we made bird feeders using pipe cleaners and Cheerios. I gave the children the […]