Monthly Archives: March 2018

Thursday, March 29th in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we completed an Easter egg counting and number matching worksheet. The children also had the option to complete an Easter egg trace and color, coloring sheet. They enjoyed matching the plastic eggs by color and number and building with dominoes. During circle time we reviewed […]

Pre-K: Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group – We read “Spring for Sophie”.  It talked about all of the ways Sophie could tell that spring was coming using her five senses.  We also did our first color by number (using a colored key). Miss Jessica’s Group –  The students enjoyed yoga. Miss Abbie’s Group […]

Wednesday March 28th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we had an eventful morning full of Easter/ bunny related activities. We began our morning singing along to “Peter Cottontail” and learned a new fingerplay 5 Little Bunnies. We used bunny shapes spoon tongs to transfer colored eggs from one basket to another. We used chalk […]

Pre-K: Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group –  Today we read “Thump, Quack, Moo”.  Duck played quite a trick on the farmer by changing his corn maze over night!  We then reviewed the “et” word family and practiced writing the letter T. Miss Abbie’s Group – The children played an addition board game and […]

Wednesday, March 28th in the ABC’s

What an exciting morning we had today! This morning with Miss Cara we enjoyed using plastic Easter eggs to match them by color, number and strengthen our fine motor skills! The children also enjoyed playing with bunny racing cars, dominos and linking chains. During circle time we reviewed calendar and […]

Tuesday, March, 27th in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we began making a list of words that begin with letter Xx. We talked about what an x-ray is and looked at a picture of one. We also completed a letter Xx sound recognition worksheet. The children enjoyed using the Lincoln logs to make the […]

Pre-K: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group – We read “Train” by Elisha Cooper.  It took us on a journey across the country on a variety of types of trains.  We also identified words that begin with the letter “T”. Miss Abbie’s Group – The students completed an addition worksheet. Miss Jessica’s Group – […]

Monday March 26th in the 123’s

Today in the 123’s we began our discussion about Easter and the Easter bunny! We sang a song called “Little Bunny Foo foo” and acted out the motions as we sang! We read a story called “Some Bunny loves you” and made a Bunny handprint to go along with our […]

Monday, March 26th in the ABC’s

This morning with Miss Cara we introduced letter Xx. We used our fingers to make an X and practiced tracing the letter. We also colored a picture of a xylophon. The children enjoyed building with magnets and making food in the kitchen. During circle time we read “Oh the Pets […]

Pre-K: Friday March 23, 2018

Mrs. Denise’s Group – Today we read “The Bear Who Shared”.  We also reviewed “S” words.  Finally, we applied what we know to read words from the “at” word family.  The children are so very excited to be able to read these words! Miss Jessica’s Group – The children made […]