Monthly Archives: November 2019

Monday November 11th in the 123’s   Recently updated !

Today in the 123 class we discussed Police officers. We began our discussion by recalling the police office (Alana from PreK’s mom) who came to visit with her police Car. Our friends have a pretty good understand of a police officer’s job duties. We read a story called “My Lost […]

Thursday November 7th in the 123’s   Recently updated !

Today in the 123’s we discussed a Train Conductor. We read a story, “Charlie and the Train Station”. We discussed if anyone has ever been on a train. We went on a “Train Ride” and the kids each choose different destinations. We used colored paper trains and our legos to […]

Wednesday November 6th in the 123’s   Recently updated !

Today the 123’s discussed the Mail man/ women. We discussed their job duties and why they are important to our community. We played a matching game using colored envelopes to Match to colored mail. We took turns with this activity working on following two step directions. For our project we […]

Monday November 4th in the 123 class   Recently updated !

Today the 123’s began our weekly discussion about community helpers! Each day we will discuss a different community helper and their role in the community. Today we focused on a School Bus driving! A lot of our friends showed great interest in wanting to ride a school bus! We discussed […]

Friday November 1st in the 123’s

Today in the 123 Class we began our morning with a story called “Miss Spiders Tea Party”. We discussed how spiders build webs. We used a yarn ball to roll back and forth between friends and created a giant spider web. They kids loved this! We also worked on sorting […]