September 7th in the ABC’s

What a great first week of school we had! This morning with Miss Cara we started our day with a discussion about what we will be learning and focusing on throughout the school year. We also went around the room and each child said what they would like to learn how to do this year. During circle time we read “Otter Goes to School”, went over the calendar and counted to 7. We also worked on identifying the letters of our name and tracing them. With Miss Jenna the children made pencils for their projects and worked one-on-one to cut out a triangle for their pencil point.
ABC jr.
This morning with Mrs Asim the children started their day with calendar and snack. For snack they had a special treat to celebrate Ricki’s birthday. Yesterday they celebrated Julia’s birthday, happy birthday girls! They worked hand-over-hand using scissors to practice cutting straight lines. For their project they talked about the different parts of a pencil and then put each piece of the pencil together.
Have a great weekend!