Wednesday November 6th in the 123’s

Today the 123’s discussed the Mail man/ women. We discussed their job duties and why they are important to our community. We played a matching game using colored envelopes to Match to colored mail. We took turns with this activity working on following two step directions. For our project we made a mail truck. As we assembled the truck (while looking at a sample) we discussed the shapes and placement of the pieces as we went along, adding one piece at a time. When we were finished we listened to a short poem about a mail carrier and each choose someone to “write a letter” to. Each child told Miss Sara one person they wanted to give their letter to and she asked them what did she want to tell this person. Their responses- Priceless. They are in your child’s cubby box to go home. We used stampers to decorate the stamp and Miss Sara labeled them with who they were written to. Have a great night!