Thursday July 28th in the 123s

Today in the 123s we began our day by swimming.

Once we finished swimming we danced around and sang with Mr. Music Mike! When we finished music we split into groups for project. Today for our project we made blueberry baskets! The 123s had a choice between using their fingers or a stamp to make their baskets. Miss. Nicole asked the kids if they knew how blueberries grew and if they have ever gone blueberry picking! We also did a taste test with blueberries! All the 123s loved them! After we finished our project and our blueberry tasting we had a blueberry toss! The 123s all had a partner and passed “blueberries” back and forth. Than we went and played outside until lunch.

Today for lunch we had mac and cheese, bananas, watermelon, broccoli, and carrots!