Friday July 29th in the 123s

Today we began our day with the bounce houses.

Once we finished bouncing we split into groups for project. For project today we made peaches! Miss. Nicole asked the 123s if they knew how peaches grew and what they felt like. Once our peaches were made, Miss. Nicole let the 123s all taste peaches. We talked about what everyone’s favorite fruit was and why. We also did a peach cutting activity where the 123s had to cut straight, curvy, and zigzag lines. Once all of our projects were done Miss. Nicole, Miss. Jackie, and Miss. Karolina took the 123s on a nature walk. We looked for butterflies, birds, and geese. This afternoon we will be swimming!

Today for lunch we had fish sticks, carrots, blueberries, bananas, apples, celery, and a choice between regular water or kool-aid.

Happy Friday!