Pre-K Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The children have spoken.  We took a class vote today and our Guinea Pig’s name will be Mickey!  Suggestions ranged from Surfboard to Shoe to Mr. Guinea Piggy Pants and everything in between.

Mrs. Denise – The children reviewed the calendar, read Tucker’s Four Carrot School Day, and practiced writing their names using colored pencil.  This practice will be in their cubby to bring home.

Ms. Abbie – The children continue to review naming and drawing basic shapes.  They also had snack.

Ms. Erin – Today, the children decorated name banners that will be hung around the room as decoration.

The rain prevented us from playing outside, so we set up stations in the classrooms for students to rotate through.  They played with dry erase boards, Lego, Lincoln Logs, blocks, magnet connectors, puzzles, and many other things.  We hope to be able to go outside tomorrow!