Thursday, May 2nd in Pre-K

Today, Pre-K continued working on ordinal numbers by completing a worksheet. The students had to follow the directions at the top, making sure to count the numbers from left to right to determine what order the highlighted item was in. Next, the class got in a line to practice their ordinal numbers. Each student was prompted to call out what number they were in the line. Afterwards, Mrs. Lanigan gave them all twizzlers to celebrate a job well done!

Today was the last day discussing emotions at length in art class. The students wrote what they were feeling at the top of a paper and used finger paints to express that emotion in color. Some students felt more than one emotion at one time, which Miss Lauren explained was normal and okay. We discussed how we understand that they are all separate emotions and how we can overcome the negative emotions. After completing the project, the class put together a list of other emotions we didn’t discuss at length, such as frustrated, nervous and silly. We took those specific emotions and put them in our original categories. On their own time, the students were able to identify what they were feeling and chose to do activities that helped them through their emotions.