Pre-KMonday, September 18, 2017

Our special homework folders were revealed today!  Remember that homework can be turned in any time between tomorrow and Friday.

Mrs. Denise’s Group read “Bad Apple: A Friendship Tale” and made a list of “A” words.  Then, we completed a worksheet with the letter A and the number 1.  In Ms. Erin/Mrs. Susan’s group made a tri-colored apple which will be hanging in the classroom.  In Ms. Abbie’s group, the students had snack and then used stickers and dot markers to learn the number 1.

We were able to play outside today and then talked about how we know that something is alive.  Many thought that trees and grass were not alive!  We tied that in to the basic needs of all living things.  This discussion will lead to the creation of a class aquarium later in the week.  Today, we also started to reinforce the proper way to cover our coughs and the importance of proper hand washing and why we should not ever put fingers in our mouths. Germ season has arrived!