Pre-K: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The “E Monster” came in to our school today and left e footprints everywhere!  It was so exciting!  I was told that it is invisible and even has a nest on the playground.  Keep your eye out for it!

Mrs. Denise’s Group – The students reviewed all of their letter sounds, read the book, “I am Kind”, and practiced writing “E”.  We also talked about our upcoming Thanksgiving plans.

Miss Erin’s Group – The students cut out an “E” and turned it into an “E Monster”.  They all had their own ideas about what their monster looked like and what he does (since he is invisible in real life).  The children’s own words about the behavior of their monster are on the back of the letter.

Miss Abbie’s Group – The children had snack and completed a number 8 worksheet.

During mini-groups the children had a variety of multi-sensory experiences with the letter E.  They built it out of magnets, drew it in salt and paint, and shaped it out of play dough.  They also drew a picture of something that begins with E using dry erase boards.