Tuesday, October 2nd in Pre-K

Happy Birthday to Jaclyn and Luke! Thank you, Jaclyn, for bringing in ice pops, and thank you, Layla, for bringing in pumpkin Halloween cupcakes to share with the class!

Mrs. Susan read book a book called Cowboy and Octopus to the class. Afterwards, the students completed a C worksheet while listening to the one and only Cher.

Miss Abbie split the class into two groups for a “Number Slap” game. Each student had a chance to roll a die and the first student to slap the number from the die on the white board received a point for their team. Along with the game rules, Miss Abbie taught the students about teamwork and cheering their teammates on.

Miss Lauren’s class painted egg cartons with the colors of their choice to start creating caterpillars for C week. Tomorrow, the class will place the finishing touches on their projects to take home.