Friday, October 19th in Pre-K

Playing outside on a day like today is the best! We definitely had a chance to get some exercise and enjoy the weather. We did the Electric Slide with Mr. Diego and listened to ELVIS. Mr. Diego also had us use colored sticks to make all the letters in the Alphabet that don’t have curves. With Miss Abby we worked on the number 5, and did a worksheet that involved cutting, using glue, and coloring, three of our favorite things to do. Mrs. Susan read us a book about Elizabeth, an elephant seal that lived in a river that ran through the center of Christchurch, a city in New Zealand. We also practiced writing the upper and lower case letter E using wikki sticks. We finished up the morning playing guess what the E word is. Mrs. Susan would describe something and we would figure out what E word she was describing. All in all a fantastic day.