Wednesday, January 9th in Pre-K

After morning Show-and-Tell, Mrs. Susan and Miss Abbie helped the class complete a worksheet all about the letter “L”. They also went over their “L” word list and named any other “L” words they knew.

Miss Lauren’s class finished their Andy Warhol-inspired shaker instrument today. They pasted their Pop Art Campbell’s Soup label onto a can filled with either small beads, lentils or corn kernels. We topped our shakers off with a colorful balloon. This project also went with Miss Erin’s percussion month for music class.

Just a reminder, the Pre-K goes outside at least once a day. Keeping that in mind, as the days get colder, we ask that each child has the proper accessories to keep warm during outside playtime. This includes thicker coats, hats, gloves and scarves. This will ensure every child is comfortable while playing outside with their friends.