Monday, April 15th in Pre-K

We are all excited for this week’s events, as Pre-K discussed about this morning. Black Panther will be coming to Camelot on Wednesday and the Easter Bunny will be here on Thursday. Every student is welcome to join us for these morning events, even if your child doesn’t normally come on wither of those days.

Mrs. Susan introduced the letter Zz to the class today. The Pre-K made a pretty long Z list before they completed a Z worksheet. Afterwards, Mrs. Susan set up coloring sheets under her tables for students to color, just like Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel!

Miss Lauren’s class had time for two projects today! First, the class traced and colored a clarinet with thin markers. Each student was prompted to concentrate and trace slowly for the best result. Then, the class filled in a saxophone with bits of paper, careful to use the “little dab’ll do ya” method with glue.

Miss Erin introduced woodwind instruments to the class today. She also had the class listen to Carmen, the French opera, as we will be going over the voice used as an instrument.