Pre-K: Friday, February 23, 2018

This morning we talked about the winter Olympics!

Mrs. Denise’s Group – We used the book “Bear Snores On” to learn another sight word!  “On” is now on our list.  We can recognize it and spell it too!  We then completed an O worksheet where the children identified pictures of objects that begin with the /o/ sound.

Miss Jessica’s Group – The students made Olympic door hangers and talked about the colors represented in the Olympic rings.

Miss Abbie’s Group – The children had a special snack and then practiced counting objects to 15.

It was too wet to play outside today!  The children practiced solving some riddles by guessing ostrich, oyster, and owl.  They were very curious about the ostrich, so we checked out a few pictures on National Geographic kids.  Did you know that their knees bend the opposite way than ours do?  Then, the children were asked to get into groups of four and find a way to join their bodies to look like an octopus.  They took turns sharing with the group.  Finally, we played a giant game of Pictionary!  What a fun and productive morning!  Have a wonderful weekend!